GRC Dome Kubah

GRC Dome or Kubah (in Indonesia), They may appear on Mosque , hotels, government buildings and  private villas.  domes are available in a wide variety of styles. Cupola domes, onion domes, coffered domes, and the classic semi-spherical shape are all possibilities.

Domes are generally decorative in nature and can be used in external or internal applications. GRC does not rust and is an environmentally friendly material to work with. Domes are architectural enhancements that are not only unbelievably strong, but also visually stunning.


  • Compound dome
  • Crossed-arch dome
  • Geodesic dome
  • Hemispherical dome
  • Onion dome
  • Oval dome
  • Parabolic dome
  • Sail dome
  • Saucer dome
  • Umbrella dome